Kenvos donates masks to help fight the epidemic

Over the past few days, the covid-19 has been a constant source of global concern. For a while, masks have become a necessity and the most scarce epidemic prevention supplies.


In March, the epidemic in China was effectively controlled, but the outbreak in foreign countries also affected the local work of kenvos Cambodia branch. When Kenvos learned that masks were currently scarce in Cambodia, we immediately took action and donated 5,000 masks to the Cambodian Ministry of Agriculture at one time.


The head of the marketing department of Kenvos Cambodia branch said, "In the era of economic globalization, if the epidemic abroad is not effectively controlled, trade exchanges will be affected and the foreign trade of enterprises will be threatened. We intend to continue to strengthen communication with enterprises in key partner countries in all regions of the world and make efforts to raise some epidemic prevention materials to help fight the epidemic overseas."、

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