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some issues brown scale on arange trees and dieback diseases | Kenvos Biotech Compnay

some issues brown scale on arange trees and dieback diseases

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Question: Dear Sir
the Agro-vet business association in Somalia is highly appericiated to collaborate with Kenvos Biotech company. Our farmers required effective pesticides both Insecticides and Fungicides for vegetable and fruits. Now, we have problem of brown scale on arange trees and dieback diseases , so it would be highly appreciated if you any chemicals that can rid of scale on our oranage trees. These insects is highly spreading and effected stems,leaves , fruits on orange trees and other plants.

Our association is beginner and so far we established three shops for agro-chemicals and seed suplies centers for farmers, but we would like to became a big supplier of agro chemicals and seeds for somalia farmers in future, so we are highly apperciated your company to colaborate each other in terms of projects, trainings , supplying your product, research and any other technical support and agro-chemical marketing in Somalia.

your best regard and wishes
*******, the manager of ******* in Somalia/Somaliland.

Answer: For control of scale on oranage, in china, the normal product is Methidathion 40% EC, Buprofezin 25% WP, Imidacloprid 25% WP , Cypermethrin 10% EC, Chlorpyrifos 48% EC, etc.

Now there are also a lot of mixture products of the above products, because the mixture products can work in two action way at the same time. Like Methidathion + Buprofezin, Methidathion + Imidacloprid, Cypermethrin + Chlorpyrifos,

In our company, we also have a scale control product for china local market, it is Methidathion + Cypermethrin EC, and our solvent is special oil, so it can dissolve paraffin of scale skin, then the product work as contact action.

The information above is from our technical department, you can consider it as reference because very region has different situation, like weather, different kinds of pest and use custom of farmers, etc.

If you have any more information of your situation, let me know, and we and our technical department will find a good solve way for you.