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Paclobutrazol 15% WP

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Paclobutrazol 15% WP.
Paclobutrazol is used by arborists to reduce shoot growth and has been shown to have additional positive effects on trees and shrubs. 
Product Category
Plant growth regulator

Paclobutrazol is a triazole type plant growth retardant which blocks gibberellin biosynthesis and are involved in reducing abscisic acid, ethylene and indole-3-acetic acid while increasing cytokinin levels. Paclobutrazol promotes fruit set in the states of inhibited development . Paclobutrazol is also known that it protect plants against abiotic stresses. Uniconazol is another triazole type plant growth retardant. Though each plant hormone evokes many different specific biochemical, physiological, or morphological responses, the effects of different hormones overlap and may be stimulatory or inhibitory to regulate plant development and growth. Paclobutrazol can be classified as the growth retardants, which can be sub- classified as gibberellin biosynthesis inhibitors or compounds which are not involved in inhibiting gibberellin biosynthesis. [abscisic acid, cimetacarb, daminozide, dikegulac, maleic hydrazide, mefluidide, and morphologically active substances (morphactins: chlorfluren, chlorflurenol, dichlorflurenol, flurenol)].

Paclobutrazol is normally applied to the soil to be taken up by the roots and transported via the xylem to the upper parts of the plant. Foliar application is mostly ineffective. Seeds can be soaked with Paclobutrazol to reduce seedling growth. Paclobutrazol is the active component of Bonzi TM with 4g/l.

WP = Wettable Powder

COA of Paclobutrazol 15% WP:
Item Content
A.I. content ≥15%
Suspensibility ≥70%
Wetting time ≤90s
Finess (through 44um mesh) ≥95%
pH 6.0-10.0
Appearance White loose powder

Paclobutrazol 15% WP Package Size(s):
10g, 20g, 50g, 500g, 25kg(or against your request)