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Acetochlor 90% EC

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Acetochlor 90% EC.
Acetochlor is homologuated for pre-emergence application or for pre-planting application with soil incorporation
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General Information about Acetochlor:
Acetochlor is a Herbicide widely used on Corn, and to a limited extent, also on soybeans. In 2005, Acetochlor was applied to 33% of Minnesota Corn acres, making it the third-most-used Corn Herbicide in the state in terms of acres covered.

Acetochlor controls weeds by inhibiting growth of seedling shoots. It needs to be applied before weeds germinate to be effective; therefore, it is typically applied just before or after planting. Acetochlor provides good control of most annual grassy weeds and a number of annual broadleaf weeds. Its control of perennial weeds is limited to yellow nutsedge.

Acetochlor is often used in combination with other Herbicides to obtain "broad-spectrum" weed control. Atrazine is the most common Herbicide used in combination with Acetochlor.

CoA of Acetochlor 90% EC:



A.I. Content 900 ± 25 g/l
Proportion 1.070 ± 0.025
pH 5.0-9.0
Water content ≦ 4%
Appearance transparent liquid

Acetochlor 90% EC Package Size(s):
500ml, 1L, 2L, 5L, 20L (or against your request)