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Pesticide Packing in Kenvos Biotech Company


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Terminalization, diversification and customization are the markable features of pesticide export packaging of our company.
Diversification of packaging:
Materials used for packaging liquid include bag/paper box/carton (a set), bottle/paper box/carton (a set), 5L drum/carton, 25L drum and 200L drum. Materials used for packaging powder (granules) cover aluminum foil bag/paper box/carton, composite woven bag, fibre drum, wide-mouth bottle/carton, plastic bottle/paper box/carton, etc. (in detail: ......)
Diversification of packaging specification:
Diversification of packaging specification: Powder (granules) packaging specifications have such categories as 5g, 10g, 30g, 100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg, 5kg, 25kg, etc. Liquid packaging specifications have such categories as 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 25ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1L, 5L, 200L, etc. Packaging consultancy is offered according to customers’ requirement of packaging specification.
Diversification of packing bottles:
Liquid packaging bottles vary in size from 50ml to 1,000ml, classified into PE bottle, PET bottle, HDPE bottle, fluorinated air-lock bottle, coextrusion air-lock bottle, blend air-lock bottle, aluminum bottle, can, 5L to 25L fluorinated air-lock drum, multi-layer coextrusion air-lock drum, 200L plastic drum, galvanized drum, PVF drum and steel-plastic composite drum, etc. Powder packaging materials include aluminum foil bag, composite paper bag, composite woven bag and fibre drum, etc.
Diversification of packaging bottles and their colors:
50 to 1000 ml bottles also distinguish in types (bottle cap). Different types of bottle and colors are chosen according to demands of customers. 5L to 25 L drums have such series as stacking barrel, handled barrel and pail. Besides, it can be customized in accordance with samples provided by customers. (in detail: ……)
Diversification of packing machinery:
In order to meet demands of different formulations, different packaging types, different quantities and batches, our company is equipped with packing machinery of various types, such as automatic sacked liquid packaging machine, automatic filling machine of 50-1000 ml liquid (EC, SL). The auxiliary equipment for automatic filling machine of 50-1000 ml liquid (EC, SL), automatic 5L SC, ES filling machine, automatic 5L (EC, SL) filling machine include auto-capping machine, capping machine, automatic spray marker, heat shrink machine, case sealer, packer, etc. Machinery used for powder (granular) include 5g to 25g automatic packaging machine, 30g to 200g semi-automatic dosing filling machine and 50g to 250g automatic powder packaging machine, etc. (in detail: ……)
Diversification of work schedule:
As for pesticide export packaging characterized by limited quantities, diverse specifications, complicated packaging requirements, urgent delivery and unbalanced production, our company adopts flexible and varied forms of work schedule, so as to satisfy requirements of small packages for pesticide export as well as guarantee the timely delivery as agreed.
Quality control over small pesticide packages:
Our Company has been engaged in small packing used for pesticide export for nearly ten years. Proud of abundant experience accumulated, we not only establish a series of effective management systems, but also nurture a contingent of key technicians and skilled operators, and moreover form a whole set of quality assurance system.
1) Standardize management over handover procedures of semi-finished products handled by the Processing and Packaging Department and assure the accuracy of measurement and quantity of goods delivered.
2) Specially purchase packaging bags and packaging cartons in line with quality standard of export from manufacturer qualified to insure hazardous articles.
3) Conduct strict seepage and leakage resistance test for adaptability of packaging bottles and aluminum foil gasket to different products and formulations.
4) Repeatedly communicate and confirm with customers with respect to material, weight and type as well as filling test results of packaging bottles needed by different liquid pesticides.
5) For filling liquid (EC, SL), regulate temperature and fill nitrogen to a strict extent. After filling, test and inspect the seal of packaging bottle through inversion.
6) Conduct stringent inspection on accuracy of measurement of powder packing, tightness of seal, cleanness of appearance, flatness of marks and package.
7) Severely execute the operational standard for such processes as filling (measurement), screwing cap, spraying marks, labeling, heat shrinkable film, sealing and packaging, etc.
8) In the course of packing, implement quality inspection and supervision mechanism integrating self-inspection, mutual inspection and special inspection in a strict way.
9) Implement accountability system aiming at package quality of our company as well as reinforce responsibility incurred by quality.
10) Perfect system of reserving samples for products, as a result, at the receipt of cargo, samples are supposed to be inspected by customers at random or inspected by SGS.
We endeavor to assure and satisfy customers with our factory, equipment, team, management, quality and our services.