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Gibberellic acid eases autumn feed shortage | Kenvos Biotech Co., Ltd.

Gibberellic acid eases autumn feed shortage

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Dairy farmers can apply a growth regulator to boost grass growth, but are being told not to rely on it to address their winter feed shortage.

Southland dairy farmer Donald Kidd applied Gibberellic Acid a week ago to boost the grass growth on his dairy farm between Winton and Otautau.

"It’s good for getting you out of a short term hole."

He milks 570 cows on 188 hectares at Heddon Bush, between Winton and Otautau, and Gibberellic Acid brought grass growth forward about 10 days, he said.

He applied it to half his farm, so cows could feed in those paddocks earlier, giving other paddocks more time to grow.

If he applied the product himself it cost about $11 a hectare, using a contractor cost about $30 a hectare, he said.

Ravensdown agrochemical territory manager Nick Roulston said now was the time to use Gibberellic Acid to boost pasture growth as soil temperatures had started to fall.

"Gibberellic Acid is proven to stimulate extra pasture production over a three to four-week period when dropping soil temperatures are starting to limit pasture growth."

Pastures more than one year old had very good results if applied alongside the farmer’s nitrogen application, he said.

"Trials show up to 60 per cent extra dry matter is produced over a three to four week period."

The Ravensdown Gibberellic Acid product called Express should be applied one to five days after grazing, he said.

"Then come back in and graze within three to four weeks to utilise that extra growth you’ve created."

DairyNZ regional science manager Dawn Dalley said farmers should use Gibberellic Acid only if they were short of feed, because it was not advisable to carry excess pasture into winter. If farmers had a self-imposed nitrogen limit, they could use the product as an alternative for generating grass growth, she said.

DairyNZ development team leader for productivity Rob Brazendale said Gibberellic Acid was not a silver bullet for fixing a winter feed shortage.

"It will help, but it won’t fill a major feed deficit."

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